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ABS M4 Kit Clubsport 3

Artikel-Nr.: F 02U V00 543-13

- 1 MBaud
- for DF11i (ohne Raddrehzahlsensoren)

6.618,78 €(MwSt. Inkl.)
zzgl. Versandkosten (Versandkostentabelle)

ABS M4 Clubsport 3

  • 1 MBaud

  • for DF11i (ohne Raddrehzahlsensoren)

Das Paket beinhaltet einen Standardkabelbaum mit festgelegtem Layout.

The ABS M4 kit is developed for the operation in front-, rear- or 4-wheel drive vehicles. A generic wiring harness is included in the kit. This enables us to provide the kit with a significantly reduced price in comparison to the standard ABS M4 kit with individual loom.

The ABS M4 is specifically adapted for motorsport use. Individual car parameters like e.g. vehicle weight, vehicle track, wheel weights, wheel circumferences, wheel base or number of increments can be calibrated with software free of charge. Please contact your Bosch Motorsport dealer for further information.

Suitable for front-wheel, rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles
Generic wiring harness to fit all engine bay and front foot well locations for the hydraulic module
Same ABS hardware as standard ABS M4 Kit.
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