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BOSCH Display DDU 9

Artikel-Nr.: F 02U V02 300-02

- 667 Mhz Dual Core Prozessor
- 4 analog channels (12 optional)
- 4 Hall-effect or Df11, switchable

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Display DDU 9
Bosch Motorsport Display DDU 9

The display DDU 9 integrates a programmable full color dashboard display with a data logging system for motorsport applications for a very competitive price. Additional input devices can be connected via Ethernet and CAN buses. Data Analysis Software WinDarab is available free of charge as “WinDarab V7 free” on our website. A basic logging function of 100 channels with recording of 50 ms (3 GB) is always included. The logger can be upgraded to full logging performance (max. 1 ms). In addition a 2nd logging partition of 1 GB (e.g. for long term recording) can be activated. Customers can implement own graphics, pictures etc. on the 12 freely configurable display pages. For quick data transfer from the car e.g. during pit stop, data copy to a USB stick is available as an option. The stick is connected to the wiring harness for the DDU 9. The device comes with 4 analogue and 4 speed inputs as standard; further 12 analogue inputs are available as optional upgrade.


  • Cutting-edge 667 MHz Dual Core Processor
  • Large trans-reflective color display
  • Recording on USB flash drive (opt.)
  • Supports GPS lap trigger, pre-dated lap time etc.
  • Page change based on events possible

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