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Bosch Motorsport - Benzinpumpe FP 200 (8bar)

Artikel-Nr.: B 261 205 413-01

Druck: 8 bar
Fördermenge: ~ 220l/h

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426,54 €(MwSt. Inkl.)
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Bosch FP 200 - Benzinpumpe (8bar)
Bosch Motorsport Fuel Pump - B 261 205 413-01

The FP 200 is an inline roller cell pump for the installation outside or inside the fuel tank. It is capable of providing 220 l/h at 8 bar. Biofuel can be delivered up to E85 (shortens lifetime!). The FP 200 is one of the most popular aftermarket fuel pumps and has an excellent price.

Druck: 8 bar
Fördermenge: ~220l/h

Durchmesser: 60 mm
Länge inkl. Anschlüssen: 196 mm

Eingang: M18x1.5
Ausgang: M12x1.5

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3.946,75 €(MwSt. Inkl.)
2.562,94 €(MwSt. Inkl.)
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962,17 €(MwSt. Inkl.)
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